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About Us

    Without huge financial support and no advertising,
Taste Sweety is a brand created by a young couple with love.
    We adhere to our own objectives and ideas, in the pure and simple painting style,
we are proud to make high-quality and tasty dried fruits without chemical additives.
    In addition to the deliciousness that we hope to bring to everyone,
we also hope to convey the simplest happiness. ........(Read More)

Service Information

If you have any questions about the product,
please call or mail, we will serve you.

Customer Service:
+886-6-7225345; +886-905138272
E-mail: tastesweety@outlook.com
Address: 11F.-1, No. 351, Anxi Road, Jiali District, 722004 Tainan City, Taiwan, R.O.C.
(No Physical Store. )
Service Hours: AM 10:30 ~ PM 17:30
Official LINE ID: @tastesweety

幸福果舖 Taste Sweety

Notice of Dried Fruits


    Thank you everyone for liking and supporting our products. 🧸

    Our dried fruits are all made by ourselves.
    Due to the different sweetness and size of the original fruits, in fact that it is cut by hand. So, there is no guarantee that each piece of dried fruit will be of the same size and thickness.
    Also because there are "no added" chemical additives  such as preservatives, colorings, and artificial flavors.

    Fruits after dried, the color will have different shades and cannot be exactly the same, that is the normal and original color.
    Furthermore, after receiving the dried fruits, the temperature difference in the storage area will cause the dried fruits to oxidize and the color will gradually deepen or become lighter, these are normal condition.

    After receiving our dried fruits, we hope that you can finish them within two weeks. It will be the best dried fruit taste.
    If you want to keep it for 1 to 3 months, be sure to refrigerate below 45°F to slow down the oxidation of the dried fruits. The preservation method we provide is the best way to maintain the taste and slow down the oxidation of dried fruits.

    We cannot confirm the storage condition of the dried fruits after you receive. Therefore, we will not accept applications for exchange due to food quality variation, after 10 days for receiving the dried fruits.

    We use weighing method to package dried fruits. So, each pack of dried fruits will have different thickness and size, and the number of pieces will also be different.

    We hope everyone can better understand the uniqueness of dried fruits and like the taste and aroma we produce.

Warm regards :)