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About us

    Without huge financial support and no advertising,
Taste Sweety is a brand created by a young couple with love.
    We adhere to our own objectives and ideas, in the pure and simple painting style,
we are proud to make high-quality and tasty dried fruits without chemical additives.
    In addition to the deliciousness that we hope to bring to everyone,
we also hope to convey the simplest happiness.

Our Vision

    Our vision is very simple.

    We hope to use various fruits from Formosa Island to make the most original dried fruits in our own way.
    It will be so natural that even the omnivorous Formosan black bear (Ursus Thibetanus Formosanus) will fall in love with our dried fruits, and become a naughty picky eater :D

    In addition to making dried fruits with added sugar, there are also dried fruits without added sugar.
    We combine the concept of ecological conservation with our products, and promote it step by step in our own way. This is the happiest thing in our lives :)

Our Story

    One city, two young people, we are writing our own life stories.

    Without huge financial support and no advertising, adhere to our own objectives and ideas, we are proud to make natural dried fruits.

    Based on the design concept of Taiwan's unique species - Formosan black bear (Ursus Thibetanus Formosanus).

    Our dried fruits are definitely natural, without colorings, preservatives and other chemical additives, even the Formosan black bears couldn't help but want to take our dried fruits home when they saw them, not to mention you and me living in this global village.

    We don't have a touching life story, just insist on doing what you think is right. Like many people in the world, work steadily every day. For one day in the future, be able to do your part for this society to help others.

    This is our concept of happiness.


 幸福果舖 ®  Taste Sweety

    Strictly select fresh fruits from production areas. A unique secret recipe passed down for three generations.
    Insist on not using food additives such as preservatives, colorings, and artificial flavors. Just used Taiwan made sugar and salt in the entire process. Be the first line of security for your health.

    Traditional construction methods, coupled with modern health management, and regular laboratory testing. Let you enjoy natural dried fruits at any time with every bite, just like eating fresh fruits.

    All of our dried fruits are no added chemical additives and preservatives, giving you the most natural and healthy products.


    Food safety issues have flooded the entire food industry, we insist on healthy and no added chemical additives food.
    We actively promote high-quality Taiwanese agricultural specialties.

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